What do LED screens consist of?

In the beginning, you will find that the word led is basically the same
Light Emitting Diode which indicates that it is on

A “light-emitting diode” and this is if an electric current passes through it, Note that the beginning of the LED lamps was in the year 1996 AD, when they appeared as one of the electronic components used to emit red light with a decrease in intensity rates.

But nowadays, LED lights are available in more than one color with a greater degree of brightness. This is what contributed to making it the most widely used in several electronic devices, including mobile phones, screens, watches, and many others.

However, its greater use was commercial because of its wonderful efficiency and effectiveness in providing various advertisements to the audience in a wonderful and varied way, while rationalizing the use of electricity to the least possible extent.

These screens now consist of a variety of LED panels known as “Module Cells”. It is the same that basically consists of a number of LED lights known as “pixels”, which are distributed at an equal distance in terms of distance with the same “pitch” accuracy, so that the light is emitted from them, making them more different in configuration than they are in television or mobile screens.

LED/Diode working idea

Looking deeper into the working idea of LED, you see that it depends mainly on the electric current passing through it. As these light-emitting diodes consist of the anode “anode” as well as the cathode, both of which are separated at different ends. Therefore, when the electric current is connected quickly, the atoms are excited to be transferred from the anode, which is the highest in energy in that case, towards the cathode, which is the path with the lowest energy, creating an This fusion of the crystal in one direction conducts electricity to it as a whole in the form of a photon. It is the one that represents one of the light radiations that has a specific frequency and accordingly has a wavelength as well as a specific color emitted by the LED, which explains the multi-color ability of the LED lamps.

The difference between LED screens and LCD screens

Among the top 10 important questions about LED screens, some may have a problem in differentiating between a screen, So today we explain the simple way to differentiate between both of them below

ICD screens :

LCD screens are an abbreviation for the phrase “liquid crystal display”, which refers to being a group of liquid crystal display screens that have several advantages, including strength and clarity of colors, especially when it comes to white color. In addition to being low in energy consumption while providing impressive surface strength.

But you may need to know that these screens may be the main template from which the LED screens branch out. This is due to the fact that they both share one technology, which is based on the presence of a number of different layers of glass that polarize the liquid crystal. Which in turn allows light to pass quickly through it.

However, LCD screens are faulty in several points, including their lack of depth or clear black levels. In addition, it may leak its backlight and even be weaker in terms of response time. As well as its lifespan is somewhat less than it is in LED screens, Therefore, it may be better if used in areas with dim and low lighting, as in computer screens.

LED screens :

It is the most advanced type of display. LED screens differ in several points: –

LED screens depend mainly on their use on LED technology, This makes it the ideal screen in saving electrical energy and reducing consumption expenses.

Also, those diodes that emit light may be present all over the screen, whether it is on the back, front, or edges. Therefore, LED screens are the best in terms of light intensity, clarity of vision, and diversity from more than one angle of the place.

Technology helped make LED screens somewhat thinner than LCD screens for a higher distribution in the use of power passing through them.

The response speed of LED screens ranges from 1 to 5 ms, given that its competitors are less responsive.

The difference between indoor and outdoor displays



Indoor displays

The fundamental difference between internal screens and external screens is the installation location. The first type is installed indoors. Or is the second type of screen installed outside the place, and there are a number of other differences, which are as follows: –

  • Difference in degrees of brightness : as this is what is determined according to the purpose of each type, in internal screens it does not require a large or massive brightness, but only what is needed by the display range, so the degrees of brightness are usually about 1600 cd / ㎡ in internal screens, while it may increase even 10 times more than external monitors.
  • Water resistance : Perhaps the internal screens are basically not very water-resistant because they are rarely exposed to them, but for the outdoor screens with the opportunity to be exposed to rain, wind, etc., so the cables and screens must be more water-resistant and insulated.
  • display distanceConsidering that the indoor screens display content for viewing in a few spaces and short distances, you see that different models of accuracy have been used between “1.5P- 1.75P- 2P- 2.5P- 3P- 4P” to cover up to approximately 100 square meters, in While the external screens cover greater distances, the resolution of the model must be chosen, which ranges from 8P to 20P.

Both types share a number of features :

  • The ability to continuously update as often as you need.
  • Both provide appropriately high levels of brightness to provide the most vivid and vivid images.
  • Also, both of them share an amazing resistance to weather and climatic factors with the ability to
    Adapting to the various lightings in the places where it is displayed.

The difference between text LED screens and video LED screens

The difference between the quality of the text LED screens or the video ones depends on the way you want to convey the various events or advertisements. Accordingly, your choice of text screens or LED video screens depends
on your business needs, Small projects such as clothing stores need text LED screens.
While malls and large clothing stores need LED video screens to display visual content.

The difference between text led screens and led video screens :

  • Video LED screens : They may represent the most prominent screens to be used, because they display the content that you want to promote in a live manner through the videos or images displayed through them to attract many viewers to them, as in the cinema or when broadcasting matches and news.
  • Text LED screens : While this type is the one that relies on displaying the advertising material in the form of written words, knowing that the texts on them, whether in Arabic or English, may be programmed and processed with various programs that make them more attractive to the audience than viewers, as in advertisements for stabs and results. matches.

What are the LED screen programs?

In order to be able to display the various textual contents, you need to have programs installed on the LED screens. Knowing that some of them may require the presence of a card dedicated to any of them, and others may require its presence.

Among the common and well-known programs used in LED screens are :

  • HD2016 program.
  • Biosled software, and this type may not require a card when using it. However, configuration must exist.
  • Power LED software that is easy to download.

How do I choose the appropriate LED screens?

To choose the right screen for you, this depends largely on its pixel size. As there are several models that are currently available, in addition to others that may be launched in the future, and to determine the appropriate size, you need to select each of the following:

  • View distance: What is meant by the distance between any two pixels on that screen, Note that the smaller the distance, the greater the accuracy of the pixels and the image as a whole. On the other hand, the display distance in front of the viewers is smaller.
  • Size Show: It is related to the size of the screen as a whole. In external screens, it may be better to use screens if you choose to have a size of 10 square meters. It would be better if you choose 8p or 10p resolution. And if it is 16 square meters or larger, it will be better if you choose a 12p resolution, and for any screen larger than 40 square meters, you can choose it with a 20p resolution.


What are the prices of LED screens?

The prices of the display screens vary according to the intended requirements of the commercial activity. In the sense that giant commercial activities such as malls need giant display screens or large outdoor LED screens, While commercial activities, such as small clothing stores or cafes, do not need internal LED screens to broadcast matches or watch TV programmes, series, movies and various events.

Therefore, LED screens depend on their price. Regarding the screen size, we find that the external LED screens are always higher in price than the internal screens.

The quality of the screen and the manufactured materials also affect the price of the screen, as there are popular types of LED screens with low prices, and there are others with a high price, but it is suitable for the prestige of the commercial activity.

The prices of display screens are affected by different economic conditions. Like the currency price, it is known that large parts of it are imported, and therefore the high value of the local currency means a decrease in the price of LED screens. It is also affected by the requirements of supply and demand imposed on any product or service. The higher the demand, the higher the price, and the lower the demand, the lower the prices.


The best way to clean LED screens

Usually, you may not always need to clean these screens. But with the passage of time and due to the accumulation of various dust and dirt that may affect the lighting of these screens, so here it is necessary to clean it through the following:

  • Disconnect the electrical current that connects to the display screens.
  • Start spraying the screen that needs cleaning with soap and water, provided that it is distributed with brushes in all directions. The appropriate force must be determined so as not to cause damage to the LEDs present in it.
  • use a pressure washer to rinse that screen, It can be replaced with a water hose.
  • Next, take into account the drying of that screen by using dry pieces of cloth.
    Finally, it is reconnected to the mains.

What are modern oled screens?


It is the developed and dissident version of the LED screens, and what we mean here is to talk about the new OLED screens of its kind, which depend mainly on LED optical lighting, but at a level of less thickness and thinness, which may reach almost the thickness of the paper, It is also the best in providing a higher level of color contrast compared to LED screens, and there are even some types of them that are foldable, and this is what we have not seen in other types, but many new developments are expected on OLED screens in the future.

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