The difference between external screens and indoor screens is the installation location, Indoor monitors are also installed in the rooms. screen brightness level is different, resistance to natural factors such as water and dust, And the viewing distance of indoor screens shows content in a few spaces is short.

Brightness levels for indoor and outdoor LED screens are different. This applies to different criteria, Depending on the intended use of each type of indoor or outdoor LED display, Indoor LED screens do not need high or large brightness levels as only a number of screens are required. So , Its brightness for LED screens is usually around 1200 cd/m², While outdoor LED screens should be doubled.

The ability of indoor and outdoor LED screens to withstand water may vary, Because indoor LED screens are not waterproof because they are not exposed to water normally. However , Outdoor LED screens are different from rain, wind, etc. at this point, So cables are required in order for our outdoor LED screens to be waterproof and highly durable.

The viewing distance is also different for indoor and outdoor LED screens, Indoor monitors accurately display content indoors, at short distances, and in different models


It can be used to cover about 100 square metres. While outdoor LED displays cover greater distances, Model accuracy must be chosen from p16 – p10 –p8 – p6.67 –p6 – p5 – p4 – p3.3- p2.5

LED screens are one of the best types of screens because they have a very low cost, higher efficiency, and ease of use and installation.



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