The prices of the display screens vary according to the intended requirements of the commercial activity. In the sense that giant commercial activities such as malls need giant display screens or large outdoor LED screens, While commercial activities, such as small clothing stores or cafes, do not need internal LED screens to broadcast matches or watch TV programmes, series, movies and various events.

Therefore, LED screens depend on their price. Regarding the screen size, we find that the external LED screens are always higher in price than the internal screens.

The quality of the screen and the manufactured materials also affect the price of the screen, as there are popular types of LED screens with low prices, and there are others with a high price, but it is suitable for the prestige of the commercial activity.

The prices of LED screens are affected by different economic conditions. Like the currency price, it is known that large parts of it are imported, and therefore the high value of the local currency means a decrease in the price of LED screens. It is also affected by the requirements of supply and demand imposed on any product or service. The higher the demand, the higher the price, and the lower the demand, the lower the prices.

EgyLED is at the top of the best companies in Egypt and the Arab countries in terms of price, size, design, quality, clarity, and screen life, as it is consistent with the needs of the modern local market. All of these criteria are the main criterion for estimating the prices of LED screens.

But, dear customer, you have to be very reassured when you buy, because you will get the best prices for LED screens, The longest warranty period extends to two years, including all spare parts. And a team of engineers and technicians with the highest degree of training and experience spanning more than 25 years.

The company’s technical specialist works by giving you the initial cost price per meter, calculating the final price for the total cost, and making the necessary discount for the price.

The technician will evaluate a thorough study about the receiving and transmitting card, the video processor, and everything related to the screen that you need, as well.
It helps you to choose the best place and choose the appropriate size for this place

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