ِAbout Egyled


Because we have been working in the field of video screens giant for eleven years and because we have the experience and professional sales team to be able to determine the appropriate model for each customer and each site with ease and ease and provide the best suggestions and solutions possible and provide pre-sales advice and provide a rich source of information on screens and different models and studies Feasibility in different governorates and methods of management and operation and control to enable the customer to choose what suits him - and because we support our customers when they asked for support and we were - so we got without rival to the absolute trust of customers and we became a trademark registered in the name of gold All our customers are confident that the giant Leddisplay screens - EGYLED - are the ultimate in quality and magnificence in viewing and preference in choice.

Invitation from EGYLED

Outdoor Led Screen - Indoor Led Screen requires customer satisfaction in quality and after sales service. We invite all customers who wish to purchase and purchase screens that will honor us in one of the practical sites already on the ground or one of our branches to see with their eyes and completely satisfied. At the level of service we are with the help of God and are confident that your visit will be held with us and honored to join our customer list.

The company's products are characterized by

1- Submit the latest technology
2- Dependence on the best electronic components and permanent technical supervision of our company in the places of production.
3- Provide the best drivers
4- Provide solutions that are appropriate for each client depending on the nature of their location and their needs
5- Providing adequate support to the customer from O & M training
6- Provide adequate product definition through Wafi annotations and catalogs

After sale service of EGYLED

After sales service, EGYLED has the ability to communicate with customers and follow up with technical support and maintenance of our products by a team of professional engineers trained to use the highest technology, tools, equipment and advanced programs and the presence of spare parts constantly in our stock all the time.

Quality Management Department

We also have a quality control department where we measure the satisfaction of customers with the quality of the services provided by our company to the customer and continue to communicate with them to continue to provide the best services   We work hand in hand with the sincere promise of our customers. We consider each customer to be a partner in our success and we are partners in the project

Producing Advertising Screen Led

Our LED displays and LED billboards are excellent, durable, reliable and environmentally friendly products. Our products come in a wide range of sizes and options depending on their budget. LED displays and LED billboards also offer additional options, such as clock and temperature. It has been manufactured with high quality and basic materials to ensure the durability of the entire products. Our LED screens can be seen hundreds of meters away, even during the day and under the sunEGYLED - The excellent quality of our various LED screens ensures you to win the trust of our customers successfully. The well-defined quality policy by EGYLED guarantees you outstanding quality for all products. We also strive to exceed customer expectations in all aspects of business and services. EGYLED - is efficient and ready to meet growing market demands

Screen Led Products

We can offer you a full range of LED displays, LED billboards and related equipment, both in local markets and in international markets. Our LED screens and display panels are very distinctive and very suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising purposes, and can be seen clearly and from very long distances. All you have to do is connect the device to the electrical socket, set up the content you want to view and download (via an easy-to-use program attached to the product), then install the panel or screen and display it to your customers.

You can also create the drawings you want to draw people's attention, by creating simple graphics in BMP format or using advanced software on your computer. Software within the device can also help you create single-, multi-line text or simple graphics. At each stage of production of LED screens and billboards, a team of our experts conducted tests on the product to ensure that it conforms to international quality standards. You can create up to eight separate shows that appear during pre-set times, making it ideal for the target audience and effectively managing the times for different audience targeting programs.

We manufacture LED displays and LED billboards according to standard sizes, and you can easily enlarge or resize your display at any time, even after a long period of purchase. These products can be easily programmed with professional, easy-to-use software that can be customized to suit our customers' needs. Our products have many other advantages such as craftsmanship, thin design, rainproof windows, suitable for very large places and can be easily installed. They are resistant to stone or paint